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Dima Bohatyrchuk
Today we live in an epoch of differences and the new global trends in IT-industry. The biggest companies in the world such as Google, Microsoft, PHP and others, give us an opportunity to use their tech innovations, announcements, join their products, which has an impact in IT-age. Let’s look at them and generate in one place. Our future is in their hands.

Essential Image Optimization

From now you will know how to optimize an image for the web. It had been written by Addy Osmani. It is totally different tool. You will know some technical details and science about optimization. If you interested in optimization’s approaches, image formats, some tools and others, you could write it immediately. Also, there will be the examples of that. Join!

PHP 7.2

Wanna know, what modern references are now in the PHP 7.2? Then, see it. We may inform you, for example, about depreciation. Also, you may find the renovations such as functions “create_function() and _autoload (). Whether you haven’t these ones yet, we recommend to change your code on the right direction.

Web Share API

As we know, API isn’t in the Internet space, you might know about it. Developers have an interaction on the web according to “sharing”. With the help of this application, all the developers can make a native sharing experience.

Image Async Attribute

This is the next app that makes the life of developers easily. It’s intended for img. element and allows us to load the picture simultaneously with the time of writing. In the nearest future we will use only “asyns=on”on the image element.

Firefox Quantum

Have you imagined that the Mozilla does not like innovations (particularly updates pushing). One of some new things is “Project Quantum”, which is also represented Quantum CSS – a tool for fast the way that performed CSS, a new UI, DevTools. Do we meet a competitor of Node.js based on an engine Firefox? May be, yes.

MS Edge for iOS and Android

Have you ever heard about the new browser – Edge for IOS and Android, released by Microsoft? You should really try that.


Almost, this is a quite perspective product, which build with React. But there is one nuance. It’s also pay attention on another framework – Peact, Vue or some other. In this case we have not so simple obstacles. Developing the WordPress, specialists, building many tools which continue to be useful and impressive. It will transforme our imaginations about work with the platform like WordPress.


If you wanna load custom fonts on the web, you need a tool which will help you using together with the two approaches: FOIT and FOUT. All in your hands! You may decide one of them and try to use for your site.


You will totally surprise about that. Your colleges could team up for the work, namely uses any preferred framework. Generally, Vuerra is a JavaScript library which offers to help to work with Vue and React simultaneously.


Shopify has presented this amazing library which created with Drag-n-Drop API to work with.


It’s a library that can build a flowchart in PowerPoint alike. You can form a lot of shapes on the chart. There can be circles, square, triangle and others.

FrontEnd Checklist

This tool created to build the HTML pages. It means, some amount of the set of the instruments helps you to work with different sections.


Do you need a website’ archetype, in which you can place the content? The CSS gives a few classes to mocka-media, mocka-text for different goals.


This component helps to achieve the icon’s sparkling effect like in Twitter in the mobile application. Make your product shiny and impressive.

Grid Playground

It is implying the new idea on the web to create a layout with the grid. Mozilla present this instrument for DevTools to check Grid layout.

Snippet Manager

If you in chaos and want to make you work better and faster, let us introduce a simple application called Snippet Manager. With its help, you can manage and store your snippets of the code.

IBM Plex

Tabbed Interface

A better tab with accessible navigation, orients for users. It is almost without using JS.


It has some classic posters and uses just CSS.

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