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5 Ways to Make Your Website User-Friendly

Dima Bohatyrchuk
The website is simply filled with the content, not always relevant, low quality and not always in time. Thereby the company is losing the opportunity to answer a few dozen of new requests per day more. As a result, the sales and the financial results are low, respectively. How to make your website attract and keep the high-quality audience, and carry its basic function - sell and earn the profit for you?

Sometimes it happens that the company managers don’t fully understand what a kind of tool for the customer’s attraction and the impact they have at their disposal. Frankly speaking, the website is simply filled with the content, not always relevant, low quality and not always in time. Thereby the company is losing the opportunity to answer a few dozen of new requests per day more. As a result, the sales and the financial results are low, respectively. How to make your website attract and keep the high-quality audience, and carry its basic function - sell and earn the profit for you? How to make your website user-friendly, and forces it to work for you?

Make it simple and easy to use

Getting to your website for the first time, the user should feel at ease. Homepage is like the business card of your company. The information you give should be clearly structured and set out on a fact. Make sure your navigation menu is handy. If the user can find interesting information in a couple of clicks, it is the key indicator the navigation menu of your website is thought out to the smallest details. This is an important issue. It may happen that a customer doesn’t clearly understand what exactly he is looking for. Therefore, it is the principal thing to give him complete data about the product, its strong sides and not to waste his time.

Before you run your web resource up, make sure it is created in a single concept. It is logical and clear for people, looks aesthetically pleasing and makes no negative emotions. Ask a few third-party people to evaluate your website and share their viewpoint on all the pros and cons. It will be the most objective assessment to eliminate existing gaps. No matter how perfect your web resource seems to be, you always need to check it from the outside. Use only skilled pro you can rely on. The website expert assessment they can do for you is worth paying.

Make the design of your website as simple and elegant as possible. The user shouldn’t have any doubt he found the right place and it is the very company he was looking for. Pay attention to your brand name, make it famous and recognizable.

Speed up the website and tune it for mobile devices

Do you want to sell more and attract new customers, rather than push them away? Make your website as comfy as possible for your potential customer. Make sure the pages of your website are downloaded as quickly as possible. After all, the slow loading capacity is annoying and unnerving. Moreover, waiting for the loading for more than a few seconds, the customer is likely to leave your page very quickly and will go to the competitors, who took care of the resource speed. We don’t recommend trying to fix it on your own. It is better to entrust this task to the specialists who know exactly how to speed up your website and remove all the defects of the code. Remember, the quick access to the information about your products and services is almost the guarantee you will get a new contact and new sale.

Don’t forget about the communication means that has long gone beyond all the usual applications. Every fifth inhabitant of our planet today is the happy owner of the smartphone. Therefore, it would be extremely unreasonable not to take this fact into account when creating or improving your website. Without having adapted the web resource for electronic devices, consider that you lose up to 80% of new potential customers every day. We are to suppose it is the terrible loss of money from day to day. People are in a hurry to live and to work. The most part of the study and the search for the necessary information is made on the move. We are used to surfing the net while sitting on the subway, standing in the traffic jam, waiting in a hospital for the assist or sipping coffee in Starbucks. Delight your customers. Give them a chance to learn about your company, offers and give the opportunity to choose a product in a convenient time and place.

Crushing content within reasonable limits

Before you begin to prepare the content for your website, make-believe you are the customer. Which website would you choose? What do you think the user expects to find on your pages? Which information is he looking for? On the one hand, it is the key information about product characteristics, its cost, deadlines, and production or stock matters.

How to sell discreetly, but at the same time confident? Do not seek to sell just the properties of your product, it would be too trivial. Focus on the benefits, the highlights of your product. Tell them why it is your proposal that deserves the customer’s attention. How exactly your product will benefit the customer? Use less plain words and more specifics. Do not try to cover every person up. Identify the potential target audience for your products and services and work with these people.

Don’t overload your website with texts that nobody reads to the end. It is better to have a maximum of useful information in the minimum of sentences. Tell your potential customers about the product in simple words, consistently structuring the text. Don’t use the little-known terms and phrases that not everyone can catch. Imagine you need to tell a friend about the services and products offered by your company, and you will succeed with creating high-grade content.

Remember about the bright, beautiful and high-quality photos. Make them clickable. Give your guests the opportunity to view the goods they like in the smallest details. Use the photos you made yourself, or take them on the free resources. Never risk your good name and don’t borrow photos from third-party resources without getting the permission. It is illegal and threatens not only a legal action and penalty, but also the loss of your good reputation.

Let your customers speak

You can come clean for a long about the positive aspects of your company and the various benefits a person can get by placing an order with you. But this will never work as well as posting reviews from the real customers after a successfully completed project or contract. Social approval from the real person is an excellent tool to attract and keep new potential customers. Unfortunately, this method is not always popular today. There is nothing better to inspire confidence in the company as a positive review about it from a real person.

Don’t exhaust yourself creating truly texts; give your customers a chance to speak. It will work for sure and guarantees the customers’ loyalty and trust. Make use of this method only if you are secured about the quality of the products and sincere service, which your managers provide. Otherwise, you can get a portion of the negative feedbacks and learn a lot of interesting things about the work of your assistants. That in principle is not bad too, you can always do the homework, draw final conclusions and fix everything.

Technologies are everywhere

Steal the customers from your competitors, use all available technological opportunities and improve the functionality of your web resource. Use smart forms to fill out. They will indicate, for example, the city, location or the required numbers and names, which have already been entered by the customer at least once before, without any help or reminder. The fewer actions your customer will have to fulfil to achieve the goal, the more likely he will not leave the website. He will find the necessary product or service and push the contact button. Let the short form work instead of the user. He will simply check the relevance of the suggested data and confirm it with a click.

Manage, control and make your web resource better and user-friendly every day. Use our tips and rethink your approach and attitude to your website. Consider it as an ideal tool to have new customers and increase your sales. If you still have questions how to make your website user-friendly, feel free to seek advice and help from our specialists.

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