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What is the chat-bot? How it can ginger up your business

Dima Bohatyrchuk
Our future is in the new technological solutions created to improve, innovate and bring true colours to our world. Perhaps you already heard of such a thing as a chat-bot and may have reached a common understanding of its functions and skills. But very likely you cannot even imagine the full potential of this kid. You already had lots of occasions to deal with them without even knowing it. Let's search together what is the chat-bot and why you need it.

Sure enough a few dozen years ago, the better part of people did not take seriously the digitalization of our being. Some time ago smart robots and program assistants seemed to be a kind of fiction and could exist only in the movies. Time showed it was a mistake.

Our future is in the new technological solutions created to improve, innovate and bring true colours to our world. Perhaps you already heard of such a thing as a chat-bot and may have reached a common understanding of its functions and skills. But very likely you cannot even imagine the full potential of this kid. You already had lots of occasions to deal with them without even knowing it. Let's search together what is the chat-bot and why you need it.

What is the chat-bot?

Chat-bot is a special program that knows how to conduct the conversation with you. The program recognizes the most likely variant of your response and generates the answer on its basis. It imitates human behavior perfectly. Sometimes you won’t even realize that you are dealing with the program, and not with the real person. It is not a surprise because the program is created by people for people.

Virtual assistants are brought into being of different complexity. From the most simple, rule-based, to complex programs using artificial intelligence. But this does not take away their main advantage for ordinary people - their usefulness.

Imagine you have accumulated a lot of routine things that are needed to be done. To order products in the store, to confirm the delivery of food, to pay your bills for services, to choose a new dress, to book a tour to Goa or to call a taxi - this is just a small list of what the chat-bot can do for you. Agree that you would be happy to have such an assistant, especially free of charge. Having such virtual helper at your disposal, available day-and-night, you can significantly increase your productivity.

How everything started

The chat-bot is not the novelty of our century. In fact, the first such program was invented and coded back in the 60's. It was the Eliza, who imitated the speech of the psychotherapist. The program was used for the technique of active listening. For the dialogue with the person, she used the simplest phrases like "Continue please." For a long time, these programs were used exclusively to simulate the dialogue and did not hit with the potential.

Over time, the programs evolved. When the communication pattern has been changed to a recommendation one, the stunning result was achieved. Since then chat-bots learned not just to respond to the simple questions of the type "What is the weather like today», but even give basic recommendations of the type "Which restaurant to visit today for lunch." Thus, the chat-bot is a program simulating a dialogue between two parties. It is the system predicting and offering the best possible answer for the person asking a question.

What about skills?

The chat-bot today is of the utmost importance virtual assistant, which is already used almost in all spheres of our everyday life. We have them in social networks, bank industry for selling products, in medicine for the pre-collection of symptoms from the patient, an entertainment area, in company sales. The chat-bot is developed for a specific task and has its own functions to perform. These wonder-assistants can be divided according to the skills they possess:

• The bots helpers, solving routine tasks. It can perform a specific set of tasks all the time. It does not need human assistance and recommendations to do this.

• The bots for fun made to carry a piece of entertaining in your life. Widely used on various portals and services. It is interesting that the chat-bots for children exist.

• The bots to search for various data, gather information, post news. Such a flow is available for everyone in messengers.

• The bots for e-commerce and business used for quick and round-the-clock feedback for your customers. They help to clarify the disputed issues about the product, offer the suitable options for the client. Being always in touch the chat-bot will help the customer to purchase from your company sometimes without a long search and decision-making.

What is the secret of the popularity of chat-bots today?

The answer is plain to see. The rise in popularity of these programs is due to the fact that people spend more time online and use these programs as a primary means of communication. It is used actively both in everyday life and during the working process. There are some of their advantages.

• It is easy to run. In comparison with the programs that you need to download and install first before you start, the chat-bot’s main highlight is in its ease of use. In order to start a conversation, you only need to find it in your corporate messenger. As a result, we have a few minutes to get started with the application, against only a few seconds for a chat-bot.

• Any high-quality mobile application stands for a decent financial investment to develop, and don’t forget about the time of debugging, testing processes and sales launching. You don’t need much time and money to make the chat-bot.

• There are many situations where the use of a mobile application is simply not logical and not justified. You are unlikely to install the application to communicate with your dentist or financial adviser. Most likely you will contact them in the messenger

Interactive business assistants

Companies that do not write off the technological innovations and always carefully keep an eye on the latest developments that can be used for the benefit of their business have long noticed and already use such programs. After all, it is clear that the chat-bot is primarily an effective tool for the round the clock feedback to your potential and already regular customers. It is the means of communication that will be simply stupid not to use for improve your results.

Besides the improvement of the feedback’s quality, there is another positive change for the company that decided to use chat-bots. This is the optimization of your human and financial resources. The chat-bot communicates with the customer, clearly sets out every point about the product and offers the right options to choose - is your perfect employee. Such an employee is working every hour during the day and every day in the year. He does not need to pay salary and bonuses at the end of the month. He has no problems with health, family, children or force majeure situations. Such virtual assistant is always connected and ready to bring financial benefit to your company.

Your company does not need to hire an additional person, to spend time searching and training the new employee. The customer usually asks a number of standard questions addressing the company representative that should help him to make the choice. The manager, in his turn, usually acts according to the instructions, the pre-agreed response template. Therefore, in this case, the use of the chat-bots can be an excellent option for saving the company’s resources and way of sales processes automation. The virtual sales assistant can give an infinite number of consultations working day-and-night. The cost of development of such a program is absolutely not expensive in comparison with the amount of profit it can bring to your company in a short period of time.

There is an opinion the activity of using chat-bots in the near future will keep raising. They will turn upside down the way of doing business, the perception of social networks and even may replace popular search engines. If your company is still not attracted with software innovations to improve the business activity, then think and consider the opportunity to try. We are always open to the conversation and will be glad to help you become better and start working more efficiently today. Give us a call and apply for the software product that will boost up your business.

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