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Self-organization tips for everyday use

Dima Bohatyrchuk
Ask yourself a question, what kept you out from succeeding the task in time? Most likely, you will find several reasons you think give the grounds for you. It is just a belief, not more. If you do not treat the problem seriously, then you will have troubles in the future.

It does not matter who you are, where you work, and how old you are, you probably know the situation when you failed to finish something in time. That is the feeling when you haven’t coped with the task and caused the force majeure in the office. This happened, probably, with each of us at least once in your life and you just could not find the right options for how to fix it immediately.

The most common reason for such circumstances is laxity. Ask yourself a question, what kept you out from succeeding the task in time? Most likely, you will find several reasons you think give the grounds for you. It is just a belief, not more. If you do not treat the problem seriously, then you will have troubles in the future. It will reflect on your activities, work, relationships with colleagues and the financial result at the end of the month.

We offer you interesting and working tips of how to organize your working time properly and finally start enjoying every minute of your day. All the proposed options were tried out on real people. During the experiment, no one was hurt. Moreover, every participant brought his productivity to a new level.

Plan your time

In order to manage with as many activities as possible, it is necessary to know your enemy and the problem you face. Get yourself one of the most useful habits - plan your day. Not to turn the planning into your worst nightmare, dedicate it 5 minutes of your time every day. Buy yourself a nice flowered notebook and distribute your day with a cup of flavoured coffee every morning. You can plan both for the day or build long-term tasks for the week\month\ year. Determine how much time you would like to devote to each of the tasks and focus on it.

Several items which appear in your everyday to-do lists can make miracles. Even the simplest two-three pointed to-do list can ensure you. We cannot always remember everything; concentrate on the right things. People spend time trying to remember what they have to do now and what they have already done. The coveted to-do list will be your helping hand to stay calm, to get the daily chaos under control and complete the planned tasks, without shifting them for an indefinite time.

If you are an active user of different web applications and nothing new doesn’t scare you, but excites and motivates to try, then install such application on your smartphone. A regular Google calendar could be your good assistant. It remembers many important things and will not let you forget them too. Always prioritize. The offer is not worth preparing today if tomorrow the report burns. Everything should have its time and place.

Set a comfortable colour pattern for your daily list, as well as for reminders. Use only those colours that are nice for you and do not make you nervous.

Organize your workspace

Always keep your workplace in order. Nothing should put your attention off or interfere you during the working process. For this purpose, we recommend you to pre-define the zone for each item. This rule is necessary to follow both in the office and at home. A hundred to one, you often take your work home or home office is your main working place. When all things are in their places, you will not spend time searching for longer than necessary.

Pamper yourself up. Equip your workplace with everything you need. Buy a comfortable armchair you dreamed of so that it would be convenient for you to sit in it. Remember, most of the time you spend mentally solving numerous problems, so it is very important to create a cosy and suitable environment.

Get rid of all possible irritants

Before the start, eliminate all things calling your attention off. Your smartphone gets into this list the first. It will surely start ringing at the most unsuitable time. If you answer that call, you will distract and will not be able to focus on the task. The best is to switch your mobile helper into the silent mode during this time.

You should not underrate about the impact of social networks on your productivity. Any open tab on your PC, a flashing e-mail sign, or a chat message can be very damaging for your workflow. Getting started, make sure that all the extra tabs are closed and nothing will distract you from the process.

Spend the breaks actively

Nothing helps you to tune into the work better than an active break. Charge your brain with the oxygen; plan a walk or a run in the fresh air. Make time for your physical development. Sports are the best tool for keeping yourself in a good physical and mental shape. Suchwise you will have two great things simultaneously - feel attractive and self-confident. Perhaps you will come across a crushing idea that you will use in your project and succeed with it. Frequently the best solutions and amusing ideas come when you switch to another activity.

Bring everything to its logical conclusion

Do not stop halfway. Always bring the task to the end. Using our tips, you probably have managed to strengthen your productivity skills and even got some of your projects finished before the deadline. If such a situation already occurred, do not stop. Spend the entire time you have planned earlier, despite the fact you were able to save some. Without a fail, you have several matters you need to overcome and are constantly out of time for it. For example, clean up your desktop or put the documents in the order.


Feel free to gain new knowledge and experience

Develop your skills every day. Train yourself to learn something new, take some time for self-education. Don’t miss the opportunity to upswing the knowledge in your profession. You never know which experience you might need in the future. Increasing the mastery level and getting more user practice, you will not only be able to do your job more efficiently. You will show yourself as a promising expert, thereby increasing your value in the labour market.

The accumulated experience and acquired skills will allow you to apply for projects with more beneficial payment terms. The employers respect the persistent specialists. They are appreciated and are regularly encouraged with various buns.

Appreciate the time you have

If you are the office inhabitant, then you have certainly visited more than a dozen of meetings during your working career. Managers of different levels usually like various meetings, not realizing such meetings steal a lot of useful working time both from them and from all its participants. If you have even the slightest opportunity to influence the schedule of such events, make sure it lasts no more than 10 minutes. Do not sink into the debate; discuss questions prepared in advance according to the plan.

Say NO to multitasking

Don't chase the number of completed tasks. Focus on a single project and realize it the way you will be satisfied with the result. Solving several problems simultaneously, you will not finish any of them in time. Most likely the quality of these will not be at your highest level. Learn to delegate the charge to the colleagues.

Listen to your biorhythms

It works much better when you are the most productive. For some people, it is the morning time while the others feel the inspiration only in the deep night. You are the lucky person if your headquarters is your home. In this case, you are free to determine the suitable hours for your work and rest. Make sure to use this opportunity.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated, all the tips are very simple to perform. Get engaged with the work today using new rules. Do not delay the approbation of the new method for later. It will be troublesome at the very beginning of your transformation and it will take some effort from your side to fight against yourself. But the result you can get will recoup all your sufferings.

Period of any habit formation takes no more than three weeks. If you follow our recommendations you will go to a new level of self-organization within only a month

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