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A team of development experts

About the Code creates and implements different software products combining the interests of different business sectors and their potential customers and making complex things simple. Our aim is to provide a top-notch solution and leave our customer satisfied.
Founder & team leader
Dmytro Bohatyrchuk
Dmytro is the brain of the company, he guides and motivates us every day. He can both find answers to any questions we might have and demonstrate practical applications.
  • Full of experience and energy
  • 50+ successful cases in portfolio
  • Loves all things new
Agile PM & creative inspirer
Yuliia Chandrovna
Yuliia is the creative mastermind of the company, who knows how to help the team be more efficient and how to ensure that team work is going smoothly.
  • Beautiful and smart
  • Takes care of animals
  • Skilled and demanding leader
Our inspirations
About the Code is an pet- and plant-friendly company. We love and appreciate all the wonderful things and outstanding moments that life gives us. We are inspired by these positive emotions in our daily work while creating successful software projects for people.
Eva and Cactuses
Like all creative people, we have our own mascots. If you visit our office, you can be sure to see them all. They are Eve, every team member’s favorite dog in the world, and our cactuses, which help make the atmosphere in our office bright and cozy.
Our location
About the code's HQ, the Brain and heart of our company is located in Downtown Kyiv/Kiev. It is here you can discover our Development team, which creates unique software solutions for business and government programs. Do you have any interesting ideas? We can surely discuss them together.
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco is the heart of the IT industry, the place where we started. Our company comes from a sunny city that inspires.
Kyiv, Ukraine
Kyiv is not only the largest city and the capital of our country but also the place of our regular location today.
Inside look
Here's a photo stream of our everyday life taken by our team members, our customers, students and guests. We add photos of important events showing our working activities and leisure time. We are happy to share our emotions, mood and intentions with you.
They trust us
In more than 10 years of being in this business, we've developed trusting relationships with many customers who appreciate our experience and knowledge. Today our software solutions are actively used both in Ukraine and abroad. And help grow businesses in various fields.
Join our team
If you are ready to work hard, aren't afraid of challenges, have a clear action plan, great time-management, a healthy addiction to caffeine and new experiences, there might just be a table waiting for you at the office. Check vacancies below.
  • All
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Management
  • Desk
QA automated testing
We are looking for a QA automated testing to join our friendly, well-motivated team in our cozy Kiev office.
Junior ІТ Sales Manager
We are looking for a sales person for promoting our software development, PM and QA services via UpWork and on some occasions other sales channels. You will apply for projects using a well-established and TOP rated agency profile. The major job requirements are fluent English and attention to sales flow.
IT Copywriter/Content Creator
Who are we looking for: We are looking for an IT Copywriter to join our friendly, well-motivated team in our cozy Kiev office. Our candidate is an ambitious creator, eager to learn, achieve goals and evolve as a professional. We are looking for a team member that will help us elevate our media presence globally with excellent content, and will receive maximum support for rapid professional growth from all team.